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White Labeled StoryBranded Websites Built For You

Increase your margins so you can keep more money.

No. Seriously. That’s the whole point of this entire thing.

Customizable Wireframes

Copywriting Templates

Beautiful Website Designs

So you don’t want to deal with building websites?

You’re not alone.

Over the last year I’ve partnered with Guides just like you to help them bring in over $200,000 in revenue through white label partnerships. Through those projects, I’ve learned a few things:

1. You need a partner with a process to keep the headaches away.

2. You need a partner with low enough prices so you have enough margin to make it worth it.

3. You need a partner who makes you look good to your clients.

That’s why I created Guide Templates. It’s to be all those things.

Getting your new website is  simple. 

1. Choose Your Template

I’ve taken some of my best websites and turned them into customizable templates for you to choose from.

2. Write Your Copy

I give you wireframes with writing prompts already filled in. Don’t think you’re a good writer? Now you are!

3. Make Your Money

With your new website live, and the money you saved still in the bank, your profit margins will begin to soar as you attract new clients.

Still wondering  why  you should use Guide Templates?

Your client gets a great website.

They refer you to their friends.

Your bank account gets a new comma.

 Pricing  +  Features 


Build on WordPress


Professional Managed Hosting


Project Management on Google Drive


Customized Tutorial Videos


Premium Stock Photography


Up to 10 Pages


Template Flexibility


Hassle Free Launch

You could be  this happy  too:

I used to stay away from templated websites until I found Guide Templates. Not only can I easily drop my stellar copy into any one of the beautiful templates that lives on my Google Drive, but my client gets a new website lightning fast that looks like it took months to build. Now I spend less time managing website projects and more time attracting bigger and better clients with my new capabilities!

Kelly Sjol, Storify Marketing

I was a part of the pilot program for Guide Templates. Jonathan and I have built four sites already using this process and have more coming soon. If you want to keep your margins high and your stress low, you’re going to love Guide Templates.

Dr. James Barnes, Clear Marketing Guide

I need partners who bring amazing results at a price that still leaves me margin to stay profitable. Jonathan and his team have allowed me to focus on what I do best and serve even more clients with the help they need.

Evan Cox, Evan Cox Consulting

You could deliver your client’s new website
 by next week! 

What’s stopping you? Buy your Guide Template today!